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Our objective is to empower customers by securing a brighter financial future for themselves and their families

We are the frontrunners in remittances across the Middle East, India, and Africa, and we're on a mission to reshape the financial landscape. Our vision encompasses the creation of a comprehensive ecosystem, offering cost-effective solutions for cross-border payments, foreign exchange, micro-lending, digital wallets, and advanced B2B payment technology.






Correspondent banks

WizzFinancial empowers the millions of people who have been left behind by traditional financial institutions. We provide more money solutions, more money choices, and more that matters to our customers. To achieve this, we apply cutting-edge technology, AI, and machine learning to our existing infrastructure in the GCC, India, and Africa to create platforms that are uniquely responsive to our customer’s needs.

Welcome to the future of fintech, where innovation meets reliability

We empower millions of people who are underserved by traditional financial institutions. To achieve this, we integrate cutting-edge technologies and machine learning into our established infrastructure in the Middle East, India and Africa. This enables us to build products that are exceptionally tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs.


With our cost-effective, effortless remittance services, customers can instantly send money to loved ones anytime. Our 24/7 live customer support ensures that people can transfer funds worry-free, no matter where they are.


We operate as a global currency trading marketplace, boasting an extensive network worldwide. This enables us to provide highly competitive exchange rates and unparalleled liquidity in major foreign exchange markets.


We simplify payment acceptance for merchants. Our versatile range of payment options caters to everyone. With our secured, multi-layered technology platform, your transactions are effortlessly safeguarded.

Micro lending

Our microfinance tools bring financial inclusion and prosperity, combating societal exclusion and poverty, and significantly impacting millions of lives globally. We bring financial services to unbanked customers to create the best credit scoring.

Digital wallet

An all-in-one mobile app for effortless remittances and payments, featuring the WizzPay card with multiple options. Use it as you wish in the moment – as a travel, debit, or credit card without the need for reordering. Manage your money easily with your trusted financial partner – WizzPay.

Regulated stable deposit token

By harnessing blockchain technology we are revolutionizing remittances, offering a more efficient and cost-effective cross-border transaction solution.

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WizzFinancial is a global fintech group with a direct presence and offices in India, the UAE, UK and USA.

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